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Hosting Team Building Activities Develop Stronger Teams

Creating a positive work culture and environment is important for the success of a business.  Hosting team-building activities is one of the best ways to boost company morale and promote a healthy culture.  But before we jump into some great ideas for team-building, let’s talk a bit more about why they are so important.

Team building allows people to get to know each other—their interests, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they communicate, among other things. Team-building activities also build camaraderie and trust—one of the most important aspects of a successful team. When people don’t have trust, they hold back, thus sometimes limiting their abilities to be at their best.

The best way to decide which activities to include is by establishing the desired outcome. Ask yourself “Why are you planning this team-building event?” and “What do you hope to get out of it?” Once you have your idea and reason in place, you’ll know which activity will fit your team's needs. 

Now onto the fun stuff.  Here are some ideas to help your team have fun and build trust. 


Team-Building Activity Ideas

  1. Human Knot

    - Human knot is a great game for encouraging your employees to work together to solve a problem. The game requires good leadership and cooperation to solve the puzzle.


Great for: Problem-solving, communication

‍Duration: 5-10 Minutes

‍Players: 6+ (even number required)

‍You’ll need: n/a


How to play: To play Human Knot, players must stand in a circle facing inwards. Then, each player must reach out their right hand and join hands with somebody opposite them (players should not join hands with anybody to their immediate right or left). Finally, do the same with the left hand, joining hands with a new partner.  The aim of the game is to unravel the knot, without releasing each other’s hands, so that the players finish standing in a perfect circle with their hands joined. To achieve this, players will need to turn, twist, and pass through each other’s hands, all the while maintaining good communication.


  1. Blind Retriever

    - Blind Retriever is a great game for improving communication within small teams that will have everybody laughing in no time.


Great for: Having fun, strengthening communication and listening skills

‍Duration: 5-10 Minutes

‍Players: 4+ 

‍You’ll need: A random object, at least 2 blindfolds


How to play: To play Blind Retriever, separate the players into teams and have them stand together behind a start line. Then, one member from each team must put on a blindfold while somebody places a random object somewhere in the room. Use something that’s soft and doesn’t have any sharp edges.

After hearing “Go!” The teams must guide their blindfolded teammate to the random object before the opposition gets there first. The players giving instructions may not pass the start line and can only give commands verbally. The first team to get their hands on the random object wins.


  1. Two Truths, One Lie

    - This fun game gives your team the chance to get to know interesting things about their colleagues. The game encourages your employees to bolster their public speaking skills in a laid-back environment.


Great for: Building relationships, public speaking, communication

‍Duration: 10-20

‍Players: 2+

‍You’ll need: n/a


How to play: To play Two Truths, One Lie, players sit together in a circle on the floor or at a desk. Then, going around the circle players take turns telling three interesting facts about themselves.  The catch? One of these statements is an outright lie. It’s the job of the listeners to try and guess which of the three statements is the lie. This game will test how well your employees really know one another.


  1. Create a Scavenger Hun

    t - Scavenger Hunt is a fantastic way for employees to work together as a team, learn more about the company they work for, and explore the office. As an organizer, coming up with good scavenger hunt ideas can be daunting but try not to be dissuaded. Be creative, and think outside the box.


Great for: Energizing, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking

‍Duration: 1-2 hours

‍Players: 20+

‍You’ll need: Items for your teams to find and a large space to explore

How to play: The aim of the game is to find items hidden around a predefined location or complete certain challenges. Once the team has found the item or completed the challenge they receive a clue for the next phase.  The winning team is the one that completes all stages of the scavenger hunt the fastest.  To play a scavenger hunt, divide players into small teams and define a starting location. Each team is given a starting clue or challenge to complete the game starts.  Be creative with the items, challenges, and riddles you include in your scavenger hunt. When thinking of challenges, consider key skills you would like to develop within your workforce.


  1. 3 Question Mingle

    - 3-Question Mingle is a great way of encouraging fresh recruits to get to know one another quickly. It’s a short game that can be used to break the ice early in the onboarding process.


Great for: Communication skills, breaking the ice

‍Duration: 5-10 minutes

‍Players: 10+

‍You’ll need: Pens and sticky notes


How to play: To play 3-Question Mingle, ask each player to write down three open-ended questions on three separate sticky notes. Give your employees some example questions such as “Where do you see yourself in three years?” or “If you could bring five things with you on a desert island, what would you bring and why?”  When you say “Go!” the players will start to mingle. Once they find a pair, they each ask one of the three questions they wrote down earlier. After asking a question, they both swap one question.  After the time limit has elapsed, say, 10 minutes, ask your employees what interesting things they learned from one another.


No matter the game you choose, your team is sure to enjoy the friendly interactions.  People are often stronger as a group as opposed to being alone. Team-building activities are a great way to build morale and team spirit in your organization. But for this to carry over into your everyday work, you need to ensure your employees have the tools they need to collaborate seamlessly. 


When you partner with a PEO like OneSource Business Solutions, these helpful tips are endless.  Together, we want to help you attract and retain top talent and build a strong team  Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your business goals.